Fuel Tank Inspections

In order to comply with new fuel tank regulations in Vermont, our service technicians and staff have been trained to perform fuel tank inspections to assess compliance.

The regulations are designed to reduce the risk of accidental spills and fuel leakage, which can result in significant costs to homeowners and environmental damage on their properties.

We'll perform these inspections for customers during a heating system service, at the time of our next scheduled fuel delivery, or at the request of our customers. If any issues are found during the fuel tank inspection, we're equipped with tools and experience to bring your tank into compliance or replace the tank if necessary.

Key Requirements For Above Ground Storage tanks

  • A fuel oil tank can not be filled if it has leaks, drips, pitting, rust, dents, cracks or corrosion.
  • The tank must be on a stable foundation.
  • If the fuel line between the tank and the burner is below grade, it must be either plastic coated copper or sleeved.  
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    All tanks need to have a working vent alarm.
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    The fill pipe and vent pipe must have a minimum diameter of 1-1/4 inch.

Additional information regarding these regulations can be found here.

Financial Assistance For Fuel Tank Repair Or Replacement

There are a number of financial assistance options available to Vermont residents that meet certain eligibility criteria.

Learn more about financial assistance options for fuel tank repair or replacement.

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